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I can show you how to get your business on YouTube. YouTube is becoming an increasingly important tool in marketing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? It’s worth a lot! You can demo your product, introduce your staff and entertain your video viewers. If your asking “Why would I want to entertain video viewers?” then take some time and look at our archive on “Viral Videos” and see how entertainment mixed in with a corporate message can be spread to thousands of people.

I can show your how to incorporate YouTube in your business. From planning your message, to shooting the video, to editing the content, to posting on YouTube and your website.

When people see your product it gets their attention. When they see it in action, it sparks their interest.

My name is Huck Huckabee. Welcome to my website. It is full of advice and demonstrations on how to incorporate YouTube into your business. Please take a look at them and leave some comments.

I can train your staff to use some simple and inexpensive tools, like the Flip Video camera and video editing software, to create a presence for your business on YouTube and the Internet. I am available for hire and will travel nearly anywhere.

YouTube for business is simple!

I love the KISS concept! No I’m not referring to the music group. And I’m not referencing the action included in the art of affection. I am referring to:

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

That term was mentioned many times at the Babcock Graduate School of Business at Wake Forest University when I was there. And they are words that have hit home with me in marketing. And they are as important in implementing a YouTube campaign as they are anywhere.

While sleek videos do capture my attention on occasion I find the simple ones to be the most effective. One of the most effective commercials on the television durring the 2010 Superbowl was the Google Ad. And it was the most simple.

With minimal investment you can put your business on YouTube. Blendtech Blenders took a simple concept and turned it into a YouTube video campaign that has millions of viewers. And it has had an incredible impact on their bottom line. What’s keeping you from doing the same thing?

Here’s one of the Blendtec videos that was created in 2006. It has been viewed over 5,000,000 times:

Need Help Putting YouTube Into Your Business?

More businesses are using YouTube today to promote there goods and services.

Contact BusinessAndSocialMedia.com for help with YouTube and other social media tools to promote your business.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and LinkedIn used in business

We will help you incorporated blogs, social media and websites into your business.

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3 Responses to “Promote Your Business On YouTube”

  • Olivia:

    I love the ‘keep it short and stupid’ concept! I also came across this other article that has listed out some of the successful youtube campaigns that have increased viewers and sales: http://blog.socialmaximizer.com/youtube-business-use-cases/

  • Hello Steven. Just go to YouTube and set up an account. They don’t charge anything for the service.

    Check out your competition. See what kind of videos they are posting. Then don’t do “the same old thing.” Come up with an idea that will make people want to see your videos over theirs.

    For an example, I have a customer, Mike Linn (http://customfreegreetings.com/), who started a blog last month to promote the sale of personalized greeting cards. He is currently working on developing his first videos that will be of him dancing with his daughter. The concept is to create something that is fun to watch, will get people talking about it, and will promote interaction among friends. That will lead to promoting the interaction that can be accomplished with an old fashion card in the mail that is personalized (visit his blog and you can send one for free).

    Videos can be made easily with some simple and inexpensive tools. I’ll make a post today on the Flip camera and Windows Live Movie Maker software.

    Let me know if I can help!

  • Hello,

    I would like to add our business to YouTube and want to know how?

    Thank you

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